Tabula Idem Kickstarter is live!

Tabula Idem Postcard Crop

I recently did a postcard for the Kickstarter campaign of Tabula Idem, a comic anthology and tarot deck with a focus on queer characters and stories! You can check out the full postcard here at their Kickstarter, and consider pledging for a reward tier!


Commissions are open!

Also check out my commissions page here for more information!

The Next World out now on Steam!

I’ve been working on backgrounds for the game The Next World, which is now available on Steam!

It’s a narrative-based strategy game that tells the story of a colony of survivors who have crashed on a barren planet. Your job is to keep them alive. It’s also 20% off for launch until March 14!

Check it out here!

In-game screenshot

An  in-game screenshot with my background and building art.
Background art

One of my backgrounds for the game.

Updated Portfolio

My portfolio sections are up to date now!

Here’s a sample: